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Posted by Atty. Jojo on July 4, 2011

Hi Everyone,

I invite you to check out my very own website at

It’s where I publish my latest posts. However, it is still under construction to improve its contents and look. I hope you like it. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. Thanks. 


2 Responses to “MY NEW WEBSITE”

  1. Glo C. said

    Hi Atty. Jojo!

    May i pls clarify the ffg:
    Has this law been published already (Magna Carta for Homeowners…) If yes
    when and where?.
    Is there a revised IRR already? Was it also published already… when and where?

    • Atty. Jojo said

      Hi Ms. Glo,

      RA 9904 was published last year. The copy of the IRR was approved and promulgated only last June 2007. Kindly visit the article I posted in this blog and you can click on the link so you can download a copy of the IRR for RA 9904.

      Have a blessed day.

      Atty. Jojo

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